Your Data is Safe


This document addresses partner concerns about data sharing and explains how we keep your data secure and confidential from the moment it’s shared with us. This is our commitment to you not only to preserve your trust, but also to ensure we are compliant with all applicable competition laws.

Who are you sharing your data with?

While CoworkIntel is part of The Instant Group it is a separate entity with employees working from separate offices.

Before you share data with us, we enter into a legally binding contract with you stating that we will keep your data confidential and that it will not be shared with any third parties, including within The Instant Group, other companies within the wider group, or anyone else.

How is your data securely gathered?

The data you provide will be exchanged in an agreed encrypted format via a secure portal. We will work with you to establish the best format to exchange the data and will provide a secure environment to do so, encrypting the data using enforced multi-factor authentication (MFA). The transfer operates through Project Management Systems’ (PMS) APIs that are protected using a customer-specific secret token or direct Excel uploads to CoworkIntel’s secure app. CoworkIntel’s dedicated team of data scientists and data engineers handle the data, ensuring its security and confidentiality throughout the process.

How is your data securely stored?

We have implemented a strict separation of the business and operating systems to ensure confidentiality of data between CoworkIntel, The Instant Group and the wider group.

Once collected, your data is stored on a cloud server. This server is separate from The Instant Group’s servers and the servers of the wider group. This means that third parties (including employees of The Instant Group) do not have access to your stored data. By maintaining this strict division, we eliminate any risk of your data being shared with third parties.

We follow frameworks from the UK’s NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) archieving Cyber Essential plus certification while also performing annual security penetration auditing to ensure our environments are maintained to the highest level of protection to ensure your data is securely stored.

How do we ensure your data is secure and confidential within the CoworkIntel platform?

Your shared data is integrated into the CoworkIntel platform in an anonymised and aggregated format. Access to the CoworkIntel platform is maintained via a highly secure login wall, which includes a robust password policy and two-factor authentication (2FA) feature.

When accessing the platform and compiling bespoke data reports, such as office space pricing in a particular city, you may be able to see and identify your data within a data set compiled from various data contributors. However, third-party subscribers to the platform will only be able to view your data and that of other contributors in an aggregated and anonymised format as part of a comparative data set and will not be able to disaggregate or identify any of your pricing data from that data set. This is to ensure contributors’ data in respect of individual spaces is kept confidential whilst providing valuable insights to users of the platform and customers of CoworkIntel.

For more information about CoworkIntel’s data safety commitment please contact: