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CoworkIntel is powering flex space operators, landlords, investors, owners and brokers with the most reliable data and insights on the market.

From CEOs and investment teams to sales reps and analysts, our platform is the single source of flex data and insights to inform growth strategies, optimize business performance and make data-led investments.

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"CoworkIntel has made a real difference. We tweaked our pricing strategy in line with the market and increased our tours by 400%."



"With CoworkIntel we can understand market conditions in different locations. It helps solidify our business strategy to the board by showing our position in the industry."

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"Our strategic collaboration with CoworkIntel reflects our mutual commitment to accurate market data for making better, more transparent and informed investment decisions."


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  • Grow revenues, improve margins and open profitable flex locations
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Landlords & Investors

  • Gain unmatched insights on the flex market to make data-led investments on profitable flex space models.
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