Comparable Set Policy

Last updated on December 2023.


A comparable set must contain the Customer's cowork space(s) and at least 4 other non-affiliated cowork spaces. A "non-affiliated" cowork space means any cowork space or property that does not share with the Customer's cowork space(s) the same owner, the same management or management company, the same manager or the same management team.


The non-affiliated cowork spaces in a comparable set must be in the same basic geographic region.

Geographic Region Example: cowork spaces that are in the same city or neighborhood of a city are in the "same basic geographic market".


Within any comparable set, no operator brand may represent 60% or more of the total space count of the comparable set.


A comparable set must contain cowork spaces from at least four different cowork space companies (e.g., IWG, WeWork, Convene, Industrious), management companies, and owners other than that of the Customer's cowork space company, management company, and owner.


If a Customer wishes to add a cowork space to or remove a cowork space from a comparable set, it must do so in combination with at least a second change, i.e. there needs to be a minimum of 2 changes to the comp set. For example, removing a cowork space, then adding a cowork space; or adding 2 cowork spaces; or removing 2 cowork spaces.


If a comparable cowork space closes or otherwise discontinues reporting data, Customer must delete that comparable cowork space (as a single cowork space) from the comparable set.


If Customer has multiple comparable sets, there must be at least two different non-affiliated cowork spaces in each comparable set.


If Customer makes a change to a comparable set (e.g., adding cowork spaces, deleting cowork spaces, etc.), Customer may not make another change to a comparable set for at least another 30 days after that change.

General Requirements

Comparable Sets are confidential information and are the property of CoworkIntel.

Customer will not use CoworkIntel to derive, reverse engineer, recalculate or attempt to derive, reverse engineer or recalculate any information related to an individual comparable cowork space's information or in any way obtain an individual property's information. Customer may not create any comparable set definition, change request(s), or other filtering of the comparable set(s) that may expose any individual property's information. If after a comparable set is defined, should the Customer's affiliation(s) change and result in the comparable set no longer complying with the rules above, the Customer must request a change to comply with the rules.

CoworkIntel, at its sole discretion, may reject or disable any comparable set change if, in its reasonable judgment, it threatens the confidentiality of any third party or if CoworkIntel believes or has reason to believe in its sole discretion that a comparable set violates or may violate relevant law.

CoworkIntel may update or modify this comparable set policy at any time without prior notice to any customer, subscriber, cowork space, property, or any other third party. CoworkIntel users will be notified of any update or modification to comparable set policy requirements by an email notification to the user. The user will have 60 days of the date the email notification is sent to the user to provide CoworkIntel with updates or modifications of the user's comparable sets that meet the updated or modified comparable set policy requirements. In the event that an update or modification of the comparable set policy requirements has a material adverse effect on the user, the user may terminate its agreement with CoworkIntel for the applicable services within 60 days of the date the email notification is sent to the user.

Customer: (1) may only use the information obtained through the services for the benefit of the Customer and may not share that information with comparable or any non-affiliated cowork spaces, (2) must report any activity to CoworkIntel that reflect or suggest an improper use of any of CoworkIntel´s services, e.g., an increase in prices; and (3) must promptly notify CoworkIntel of any change in ownership or management of the Customer or the Customer's cowork space.