Flex Intel Monthly: September 2020

September 7, 2020

Pierre Becerril

Dear reader and industry partner, welcome to this new monthly post that will aim at providing transparency to our industry and its key stakeholders around coworking and flexible office spaces´pricing trends.

Advertised rent by type

Prices per desk for an in-office desk currently quote 20% hire than open space desks. Hot desk are by far the cheapest option with an average price of 245 USD, or close to 50% less than a fix desk.

Advertised private offices by state

3 states clearly leads the ranking table when looking at number of advertised private flex offices: California, Texas and New York with 3.0K, 2.6K and 2.0K advertised offices each.

Advertised rent for private offices by state

Unsurprisingly, California and New York are also among the top states by desk price with averages over 700 USD per month per desk. Only Arkansas and Hawaii and their very small desk supply present average over 700 USD as well. Texas on the other side, ranks among the cheapest states in terms of price per desk with an average of 357 USD.

Advertised rent for private offices by top Cities

This month, Washington leads the ranking of highest price per desk with an average of 907 USD. This pricing is mainly due to high advertised prices of WeWork´s inventory in the city.

On the other side of the chart, we can find cities with a price 4x cheaper on a per desk basis.

Advertised rent by top operators

This month, the top 3 operators in our ranking of advertised price per desk are intelligentoffice.com, carrworkplaces.com and knotel.com with prices from 900 USD for Knotel to 1K USD for Intelligent Office.

Differences of price per operator can be quite significant, even within a very close location. For instance, within the US´ busiest zipcode in terms of Flex Office Supply, the zipcode 10018, the average advertised desk price is 390 USD vs. up to 1,020 USD for industriousoffice.com or 750 USD for knotel.com.

WeWork´s advertised rent by top cities

Finally, this month we wanted to have a look ta one of the world´s top operators and have chosen some of WeWork´s top locations to compare its advertised prices to the one of the industry average:

Methodology: once per month, the Coworkintel Team gathers thousands of data points from several sources to provide insights of the Flex industry.

Geographic scope: This specific post will target Flex´ largest market: the United States.

For other geographies or more in-depth analysis, please contact us directly at sales@coworkintel.com