Flex Data: Ask our InsightBot

April 25, 2023

Ben Tannenbaum

Our comprehensive global data unlocks many strategic doors for coworking operators and landlords alike. Now, CoworkIntel launches InsightBot, an AI chatbot designed to get you started with data by mining our flex data to answer your high-level questions on flex space pricing. So, why not ask our InsightBot?

Ask InsightBot

What you should know about the flex data InsightBot

For flex landlords and operators starting out with data, or even those wanting to ask high-level, starter questions, InsightBot gives you the freedom to ask about pricing data around coworking spaces worldwide.

Built on ChatGPT, an open source AI chat bot, and layered over our comprehensive and granular, global data, InsightBot takes a query entered by the user, and uses our resources to return a data-based response. This gives you a first benchmark in any flex market around the globe. You can even continue the conversation to fine-tune the response.

What you can learn from the flex data InsightBot

So, what all of this means in practice is that you can mine our flex data with questions such as

  • "What is the current flex price in London?"

“What's the current average flex desk price in London?”

Taking London as an example, we can ask for the current average price across the city’s flexible workspaces.

As you can see, InsightBot returns a current average value of per April 2023. It also points out that this rate can of course vary across different space types and areas for example, so you should take this high-level data as just that, and fine-tune any data to your specific space or opportunity.

"What is the most expensive city for flex in the US?"

According to InsightBot, Jersey City charges the highest average price for a flex desk of any city in the US at $837 per month.

InsightBot from CoworkIntel can answer questions like those above, so why not ask? Take the first step in your flex data journey and see how it can help:

Ask InsightBot

What if InsightBot doesn’t know?

The good news is, if InsightBot can’t answer a question, we can. Our chat bot is designed only for high-level pricing questions, but will point you in the right directions if it’s not qualified to answer. For example, if you wish to know about occupancy, revenues, tenant mix or even rates for a more specific area or set of spaces, you can get in touch with us for our comprehensive market reports or data dashboards.

Take the next step and visualise granular data in your area

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