Data-driven decisions for flexible workspace operators, asset owners & investors

June 6, 2023


Flexible workspace demand is surging with supply still lagging behind. Making the most of this opportunity means having fact-based strategic visibility. CoworkIntel provides data-driven decisions for flexible workspace operators, asset owners and investors.

Flexible workspaces now

The world of work has forever changed. Globalized and distributed workforces, competition for talent, emphasis on employee benefits and workers’ desire for flexibility were catalyzed by the pandemic. This has brought unprecedented demand for workspace that is decentralized, flexible and serviced. Alongside the growth seen in the flexible workspace industry over the past few years, supply has struggled to keep pace. However, owners and operators of office space alike have acknowledged the drive to flex and the urgency to offer it across their portfolios or risk getting left behind. This realization on the supply side is driving maturity and increased competition across the flex sector. Whilst competition is intensifying, surging demand for flexible workspaces makes the industry full of opportunity for operators, owners and investors alike.

Success means data-driven decisions for operators, asset owners and investors

Exploiting these opportunities to their maximum presents a challenge for all industry stakeholders. Making sense of the complex and dynamic nature of the flex space market combined with the rising interest in this asset class amongst investors has created the need for informed, data-driven decisions. Reliable, transparent data lies at the heart of success. CoworkIntel positions you, as an operator, asset owner or investor, to access and act on comprehensive market data to steer your investments.

CoworkIntel scans thousands of workspaces to give you accurate data specific to your market and competitive sets to see how you benchmark against your flex space neighbors. Our smart, easy to understand dashboards are built to answer your biggest questions on pricing, utilization and demand so you can make simple decisions that have big impact on the performance of your operation.

Get clear and reliable market data to answer complex questions such as:

  • How do I generate the most value from my assets?
  • Where should I make my next investment?
  • How do I optimize the performance of my space?
  • How can I boost  profitability across my operation?  

Capturing reliable market data is often riddled with time-consuming mystery shopping exercises, expensive consultant fees and disparate data sets that take months to reconcile.

Our anonymized and aggregated data platform will help you decipher some of the more difficult challenges of investing in and running a flexible workspace operation, such as:

  • Explore tenancy breakdowns in your market
  • Analyze price evolution across a comp set specific to your building
  • Understand projected revenues for new investment opportunities

The first step

The power of data is invaluable. With CoworkIntel, accurate data is anonymously aggregated unlocking   answers to the most complex market questions in just a few clicks. Position your business for growth all in a single platform. Click the operator or owner/investor buttons below to learn more about the right solution for you to take things to the next level.

Data-driven decisions for operators

Data-driven decisions for asset owners and investors

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