Coworking revenue in key European markets

February 8, 2022

Jade Tinsley

Where do coworking spaces make the most money? We have used our data to reproduce our insight into revenue per desk across coworking spaces in US markets for European markets. It paints a picture of pricing and occupancy and revenue across key flex markets, allowing us to determine the revenue per desk (RevPAD) and identify top markets for coworking revenue. Read on for pricing and occupancy from London to Paris!

Coworking revenue in key European markets

Below is our chart. It expresses desk price per month and occupancy for December 2021 on the axes, and further, revenue per desk (RevPAD) by the size of the market's circle. RevPAD is itself an expression of desk rate and occupancy, giving us a number for revenue turned by a desk in a month.

To explore the chart full screen click here:

Coworking pricing & occupancy

The chart shows us the most expensive cities for a coworking desk:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Manchester
  4. Munich
  5. Berlin

Not too many surprises there... Furthermore, it shows us the best occupied spaces in December are:

  1. Munich
  2. Milan
  3. Barcelona
  4. Madrid
  5. Cologne

Perhaps slightly more surprising, however, only RevPAD tells the full story...

Coworking revenue in key European markets

Our top 5 locations in terms of coworking desk generate revenue are:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Munich
  4. Manchester
  5. Berlin

Yes that's right, albeit in a different order, exactly the same top 5 as rate! This shows us the sensitivity of RevPAD to desk pricing, and in turn, the importance of pricing strategy in flex management. Using coworking data to ensure sound and effective pricing is increasingly essential as supply grows.

This information is also crucial visibility for investors to make sure that they are looking at the right markets and have a representative idea of performance.

Munich is our special mention as the only market to appear in the top 5 for rate, occupancy and RevPAD... Not a bad place to be!

So there you have it, your top 5 European markets for coworking revenue. If you wish to look at top coworking spaces, you can visit our directory, or to learn more about the power of coworking data in optimizing strategy, click below:

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