Coworking space options

August 18, 2020

Ben Tannenbaum

There are a number of options to pick a coworking space. We break down the pros and cons for you. If you don't have time and want to browse coworking spaces around you check out this map. Each circle’s size corresponds to the number of online reviews for the space and the colour its average rating.

Generalist search engines

Location, location, location. People often say that location is the most important factor for real estate. It is not quite true for coworking as the community - how vibrant it is - will be the reason why you come back. Google Maps does give you an indication of the vibrance of the community however thanks to Google Reviews.


  1. Large coverage
  2. Reviews
  3. Pictures


  1. Not curated
  2. No booking system online

Specialised search engines

The advantages of specialised search engines are that they curate the list of coworking spaces soothe you may be able to find spaces with focus on what matters for you instance. For instance spaces focused on the creative community.

The other advantage is that they typically enable booking online or at least an easy call-back by the operators.

Such platforms include,, hubble, instant, Liquidspace and more country-focused ones such as

Different platforms have a different focus for instance LiquidSpace has one of the best coverage of the US (but less so in Europe).


  1. Curated
  2. Booking or call back online


  1. Smaller coverage
  2. Do not offer a single access point


Some services offer a single membership with access to a wide range of spaces. Croissant for instance for more community-focused spaces and UpFlex or Deskapad for large corporate. The great advantage of such membership is to have a single point of access (and billing) to many spaces. Online search engines such as are actually looking at competing with their own offer.


  1. Curated
  2. Single access point
  3. Single billing system


  1. Overall coverage smaller than other options (for now)